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Want to be a Strange Dreams Artist?

Strange Dreams Artist Collective is now accepting artist applications. There is no cost to apply. SDAC is composed of curated, professional artists (both emerging and established) with a limited number of slots available.


Membership in the collective requires you to participate in biannual online SDAC exclusive art shows with new work created by you for the selected theme (determined the previous year, so there is plenty of time to create), which will be made available to the public for purchase during the shows. These SDAC shows are exclusive to our website and social media platforms. Additionally, there are optional studio sales, as well as group shows in physical galleries (some may be international) which are undertaken with group consensus and commitment (once you personally commit, it becomes required. If you want to pass on the show before committing, this is allowed.) A professional work ethic with reliability at its core, along with respectful and timely communication is expected of all members. SDAC members also have opportunities for solo-shows held exclusively in our online gallery and platforms. As a SDAC artist you ARE allowed to be in other collectives or to have gallery representation, so long as work is not cross-listed with the other venues for sale at the same time, and it doesn't compromise your work with SDAC.

Fees: Members of SDAC pay a low monthly fee of $4 USD (determined solely by costs to the collective for marketing, public relations, advertising, and more.) There is no fee or commission by SDAC on our biannual shows or studio sales. All art and print sales are handled directly through the artist themselves. For solo-shows only, there is a small fee and 10% commission (with a cap) to support the marketing, PR, advertising and website development that will happen for the specific show.


Before you apply, please think carefully about the commitment we are asking you to make. We are a friendly and caring group who support one another, and we do not tolerate any form of hate or discrimination towards one another or in our public lives or professional work.


If you think you would like to be considered for Strange Dreams, please email the following to :

  • Name, location (Country, state if applicable, etc. Do not include address or phone.)

  • Artist Resume

  • Five (5) Images of your best work, representing who you are currently as an artist/where you feel your work will be headed 

  • Links to all your professional social media

  • Link to your website

  • A statement on why you think you would be a good fit for the collective

We will respond to all applications, letting you know we have received it. When we make our final decisions, we will email you whether you have been accepted or not. Please be patient, as we receive a lot of applications!

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